HKScan: Investigation shows results

Investigation shows results

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FINLAND, Turku. The negotiations are related to the launch of the new production facility in Rauma. According to initial estimates, they will not concern a reduction in the permanent workforce.

As part of plans to launch a specialized poultry production facility in Rauma, HKScan is initiating statutory negotiations at its Eura plant. According to initial estimates, the negotiations will not concern headcount reductions among permanent employees, but would address the planned transfer of selected operations from Eura to Rauma and the possible reorganization of operations and related substantial impacts these plans may have on personnel, i.e. their location, role and responsibilities.

For the greater part, the statutory employee negotiations concerning these planned changes were already completed in the course of 2015. A second round of negotiations is now being initiated since the agenda, target group and anticipated impacts on personnel have been redefined in greater detail.

Construction of the new plant began at the start of the year. The project has progressed on schedule and it is due for completion at the end of 2017. The new technology will enable the development of innovative Kariniemen poultry novelties for HKScan’s domestic and export markets. All acquisitions at the new plant will comply with the principles of HKScan’s Responsibility Programme and its targets for material, energy and environmental efficiency. For personnel, the sophisticated new processes will bring significant improvements in areas such as health and safety.

The new Rauma plant will specialize in the growing poultry segment and chicken products. It marks one of the most ambitious production investments in HKScan’s history and it will safeguard the long-term survival of food industry jobs in western Finland for many years to come. The investment is valued at over € 80 mill. Upon completion the plant will provide jobs to roughly 300 blue-collar workers.

Source: HKScan
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