HKScan: Company to streamline its organizatio...

Company to streamline its organization

HKScan's Kariniemen brand.
HKScan's Kariniemen brand.

FINLAND, Turku. HKScan Corporation streamlines its organizational structure and strengthens collaboration between its export team and Market Area Denmark.

Jukka Nikkinen, M.Sc. (Econ.), who currently leads the export business as EVP Market Area International & Biotech, will henceforth also head Market Area Denmark. Nikkinen continues as a member of the Group Leadership Team and reports directly to the President and CEO Jari Latvanen.

Svend Schou Borch, EVP of Market Area Denmark, has decided to leave his position at HKScan. The above changes are effective as of today, 4. October 2017.

“We have made pleasing progress on the Danish domestic market. Exports account for an important share of our Danish business. I therefore trust that by intensifying our collaboration between HKScan’s export business and Market Area Denmark we can identify new means for improving our competitiveness both on home and export markets,” says CEO Jari Latvanen.
Source: HKScan


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