HK to introduce new poultry vaccine

HK to introduce new poultry vaccine

A new poultry vaccine Re-6 will be introduced to chicken farms in Hong Kong, the city's Secretary for Food & Health Ko Wing-man said on Wednesday, according to Xinhua.

Ko said Re-6, which is more effective in preventing avian flu H5N1 than the existing one, has been introduced on the Mainland and successfully registered in Hong Kong.

The city's government will communicate with the Mainland authorities to learn more about the use of the new vaccine, and discuss arrangements for supplying it to Hong Kong.

Ko hopes to introduce the new vaccine for use in local chicken farms before the end of this year.

He added the government has been adopting comprehensive preventive and surveillance measures, including vaccination at local farms, import control, and stringent hygiene requirements at wholesale and retail markets to prevent avian influenza outbreak.

It will step up surveillance before the coming winter season, and surprise inspections will be conducted in local poultry farms and pet bird shops.
Source: Xinhua