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Danish Crown resumes planning of new head office

Danish Crown
The planning of a new headquarter resumes.
The planning of a new headquarter resumes.

DENMARK, Tulipvej. If everything goes according to plan, Danish Crown's new head office is ready to move in at the end of 2022.

The plan is for existing sausage factory to be demolished and a new and modern head office will be built instead, which together with Danish Crown Food's current buildings on Tulipvej 1 in Randers will constitute the group's new head office. All Danish Crown employees in Randers will be working in a new head office on Tulipvej, where Danish Crown Foods already has its administration today.

It has long been a desire to build a new head office that can accommodate the employees of Danish Crown Pork, Danish Crown Foods and Danish Crown's group functions. Back in 2017, the board of directors decided to create a new head office at Tulipvej 3, which was linked to Tulipvej 1. At that time, the project was postponed after a hard period for the owners with low listings and drought. The desire for a new and cohesive head office is based on Danish Crown's 4WD strategy, where an important element is to make all the Group's business areas work better together under the heading "Act as One".

The current situation did show, that in Randers, Marsvej 43, is a lack of space, which has been further emphasized during the Covid-19 crisis. At the same time, the building would face a total renovation if it is to continue to meet the requirements for a well-functioning head office. Calculations have shown that there is no big difference between renovating the building on Marsvej 43 and building a brand new head office, which also has more space.

Preben Sunke (Group COO) says that the new headquarters will be ready to move in at the end of 2022, but it will all depend on how long the various processes such as demolition, bulding, etc. will take.


Source: Danish Crown


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