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Cherkizovo announces results of meeting


RUSSIA, Moscow. Cherkizovo Group, the largest vertically integrated meat producer in Russia, announces the results of its Board of Directors meeting, which was held mid-September.

At the meeting, the Board of Directors took into consideration reports of Personnel & Remunerations Committee Chairman and Investment and Strategic Planning Committee Chairman, resolved on termination of participation and participation in other legal entities, and approved an interested party transaction.

They formed four new sub-committees in the structure of Investment & Strategic Planning Committee of the Board:

  • Cost Visibility and Data Capabilities Sub-Committee with quantitative composition of 5 elected persons: Elliot Jones, Tatyana Tolkunova, Roger Jones, Ray Cheeks and Andrey Khizhnyak. Elliot Jones was elected as Chairman of Sub-Committee.
  • Turkey, HoReCa and New Channels Sub-Committee with quantitative composition 3 elected persons: Emin Mammadov, Rafael Fuertes and Ray Cheeks, with Emin Mammadov elected as Chairman.
  • Strategy and M&A Sub-Committee with quantitative composition of 4 elected persons: Evgeny Mikhaylov, Sergey Mikhaylov, Richard Sobel and Elliot Jones, with Richard Sobel elected as Chairman.
  • Marketing and R&D Sub-Committee with quantitative composition of 4 elected persons: Filip Kegels, Victoria Duvanskaya, Armen Pogosyan and Andrey Khizhnyak, and elected Elect Filip Kegels as Chairman of Sub-Committee.

The Board of Directors also reviewed and approved 2018-2019 key performance indicators for each of the four sub-committees and agreed to review the report on Risk Management in the Company at the next Board of Directors meeting.

Source: Cherkizovo Group


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