Green Week 2016: A world without hunger is po...
Green Week 2016

A world without hunger is possible

Messe Berlin

GERMANY, Berlin Taking as its slogan ‘A world without hunger is possible’, for the first time the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) is presenting its own show at the International Green Week Berlin.

From 15 to 24 January visitors can find out about the most important challenges in the fight against hunger around the world, what action is necessary and taking place, and how healthy food supplies can be secured.

With its special show covering 350 square metres in Hall 16, the BMZ will be setting a new tone at the world’s leading consumer exhibition for agriculture, food and horticulture. In a globalised world people can no longer draw a line between North and South, developing countries and industrialised nations. Against the backdrop of the current refugee crisis the aim of the BMZ is to show that by implementing long-term measures German development policies are fighting the causes of the refugee crisis and contributing decisively towards peace and stability. But how can we stop people going hungry? How can we offer those living in rural areas a brighter future?

An outstanding gallery of pictures in the main passageway will illustrate how developing countries can overcome hunger and poverty, especially in rural areas, alongside the contribution of the BMZ.

A number of farming products such as rice, sweet potatoes, peanuts, cocoa and fish will be on display, highlighting individual BMZ projects.

Taking as its slogan ’Be my guest’, the BMZ will be inviting visitors to meet and talk about food supplies and the overall situation with people from Ethiopia, Kenya, Uganda and Burkina Faso. Visitors can also find out more about proper diets for infants, structural changes in rural areas and ways in which the situation in developing countries can be improved.

Over ten days KIKA presenter Felix Seibert-Daiker (Erde an Zukunft) and Katja Gallus (Deusche Welle Akademie) will be hosting an entertaining and informative programme of stage events on the topic of agriculture and food supplies in developing countries.

Weblink: International Green Week
Source: BMZ; Messe Berlin


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