Germany: Top 150 meat industry companies

by Editor
Friday, October 12, 2007

Slaughter companies leading the field
Seven sales billionaires, including five slaughter companies and accounting for total sales of EUR 11.9 billion, are heading the third industry rankings published by the afz-allgemeine fleischer zeitung (Deutscher Fachverlag GmbH, Frankfurt am Main). In 2006 sales posted by the Top 10 companies were 5.4 percent higher on average than the previous year, whereas the number of jobs fell slightly to 21,100.

A new record of over 50 million slaughtered pigs was set in Germany in 2006. This allowed the slaughter companies to significantly improve their position in the rankings.

The rankings are led by the Tönnies Group (Rheda-Wiedenbrück, NRW), with sales totalling EUR 3.0 billion. Tönnies alone raised its slaughter volume by 25 percent to ten million pigs. The Moksel Group (Buchloe, Bavaria) is in second place with sales of EUR 1.99 billion and 2.63 million slaughtered pigs. In third place is Westfleisch (Münster/Westphalia) with EUR 1.67 billion sales and 5.37 million pigs. These are followed by

· Vion Food Hamburg: EUR 1.56 billion
· Heristo (Bad Rothenfelde, Lower Saxony): EUR 1.34 billion
· PHW Group (Visbek, Lower Saxony): EUR 1.27 billion
· Südfleisch Holding (Munich): EUR 1.11 billion
· zur-Mühlen Group (Böklund, Schleswig-Holstein): EUR 732 million
· Sprehe Group (Lorup, Lower Saxony): EUR 650 million
· Stolle (Visbek, Lower Saxony): EUR 550 million

Moksel, Vion Food Hamburg and Südfleisch Holding (all part of the Dutch Vion Food Group, Best, NL), account for combined annual sales totalling EUR 4.65 billion.

The ten largest supermarket butchers raised their sales - significantly in some cases - to EUR 2.55 billion. This represents an increase of 7.85 percent in comparison to the previous year. Nine of them came into the Top 50 of the industry rankings. These include companies such as Brandenburg, Rewe Dortmund (both Rewe), Bauerngut, Rasting and the Nordfrische Center in Valluhn (all Edeka).

Munich-based Vinzenzmurr has 250 branches, making it the largest franchise system of specialist butcher's outlets.

The results are based on a questionnaire and telephone-based survey carried out by the publication with roughly 500 companies, covering sales, production quantities, number of employees and ownership structure.