Germany: Top 150 meat industry companies

Germany: Top 150 meat industry companies

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In the run-up to the World Pork Conference and the Anuga, the allgemeine fleischer zeitung has published the seventh ranking list for the meat industry.
The meat industry returned to growth in 2010. Nearly all businesses in the slaughtering, cutting and meat products sectors posted growth in sales.
Leading the field in the seventh edition of the ranking list is once again the pork and beef slaughterer Tönnies from Rheda-Wiedenbrück. Tönnies heads the list with a sales volume of EUR 4.3 billion. In second place this year is Vion Food Germany (Düsseldorf). For the first time, afz has published the total turnover for all 40 Vion businesses, representing a total volume of EUR 3.7 billion. Vion Food Germany includes such traditional German slaughter companies as Moksel (Buchloe), Südfleisch (Munich) and Vion Hamburg. In third place is the PHW Group with a turnover of EUR 2.1 billion, including such well-known companies as Lohmann & Co. and Wiesenhof. The Westfleisch cooperative (based in Münster in Westfalia) is ranked fourth with sales of EUR 1.93 billion. The ranking list features a further new departure: for the first time the top five includes a meat product manufacturer, Heristo AG (Bad Rothenfeld), responsible for such famous brands as Stockmeyer, Ferdi Fuchs, Provital and Riedl. It posted total sales of EUR 1.54 billion.
The list once again highlights the dynamic increase in the number of pigs slaughtered. Tönnies, Vion and D+S (Essen, Oldb) alone slaughtered three million more pigs than in the previous year. The take-over of D+S by Danish Crown (Randers, DK) means that a Danish company has now become a key player in the German meat industry. On account of its modern slaughtering infrastructure, Germany is developing increasingly into a pork exporter. This status is also reflected by the fact that the World Pork Conference is being held for the first time in Bonn in Germany this year (6 and 7 October).
Meat product manufacturers only saw moderate increases in production in comparison to the slaughtering sector. Few companies posted significant growth. The supermarket butchers are continuing their strong growth. The Kaufland butchers (Neckarsulm), part of the Schwarz group, are continuing to expand. Sales are estimated at EUR 650 million. The turnover of Brandenburg (Rewe) has grown to EUR 562 million and the Edeka butchery businesses have also posted sharp increases. With seven companies, Edeka is the heavyweight amongst the Top 10 supermarket butchers. The Edeka butchers alone accounted for total sales of EUR 2.1 billion.

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Source: afz – allgemeine fleischer zeitung 40/2011


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