German meat and sausage exports increasing dynamically

by Editor
Friday, May 30, 2008

German meat industry sales 2007 increased by 3.8% to EUR 31.7 billion.

Thereof, about EUR 17.7 billion were accounted for by the meat processing industry and EUR 10.7 billion by the slaughtering and cutting sector.

Accounting for 22.6% of overall sales in the German food industry, the meat segment is still the leading area within the food sector. In the run-up to the joint annual congress of the Verband der Fleischwirtschaft and the Bundesverband der Deutschen Fleischwarenindustrie (Associations of the German Meat Industry), the butchery and processing businesses are therefore satisfied overall with last year's performance, especially given that the increase in sales was achieved despite stagnating, or even falling, prices.

Pre-packed products returned to growth in 2007 following stagnation in 2006. Only roughly half of the meat is now sold at the meat counter. The discounters saw their market share grow dynamically in fresh meat (22%) and sausage (44%) in particular.

Foreign sales proved even stronger than business within Germany. Sales of meat abroad rose by 9.3%, with meat product exports even increasing by 10.9%. Imports of pork from other EU member states continued to grow (2007: +5.8%), but exports of meat and meat products there have also increased rapidly. 1.57 million tons were exported in 2007, 21.8% up on the year before.

Germany's main foreign trading partner is the European home market. Only 11.3% of exports went to third countries. Imports also rose considerably in 2007: by 20.3%, i.e. to a total of 364,100 tons of meat, meat products and canned meat (dressed weight).