Fuchs North America gains organic certificati...

Fuchs North America gains organic certification

Fuchs North America announces that it gains organic certification in USDA's National Organic Program and is expanding its product offerings for its processing facility in Baltimore, MD. With this certification, Fuchs North America can offer organic-certified seasonings to its food processing clients.

The certification of Fuchs North America was made by the Maryland Organic Certification Program (MOCP). MOCP is a USDA-accredited certifying agency approved to provide organic certification in accordance with the U.S. Department of Agriculture's National. Certification is important for consumers, the industry, and the regulatory community in order to ensure organic integrity "from farm to store." The National Organic Program provides guidelines for producers in the supply chain. All certified organic operations must have an organic system plan, as well as records that verify compliance with that plan.

Fuchs North America is a leading producer and supplier of seasonings, spices and flavor systems to the food processing industry. With a heritage that extends back to 1939 as Baltimore Spice Company, the firm specializes in the development of full flavor systems, custom flavor profiles and seasoning products for food processing firms, including supporting some of the world's largest and best-recognized food brands. Since 1990, Fuchs North America has been part of the Fuchs Group. As the largest privately-held company in the industry, with production and processing on four continents, the Fuchs Group is a vertically integrated, multinational organization supplying seasonings, spices and spice oils, capsicums, flavorings/extracts and functional ingredients to food processors, foodservice firms and the retail trade.
Source: Fuchs North America


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