Redbrook: Frutarom continues its shopping tou...

Frutarom continues its shopping tour

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Redbrook offers a wide range of ingredients and spices.
Redbrook offers a wide range of ingredients and spices.

ISRAEL, Herzliya. Perennially acquisitive Frutarom has agreed to purchase the Irish company Redbrook Ingredients Services for approximately $44.8 mill. It is Frutarom’s sixth acquisition of 2016.

Redbrook was founded in 1987 and has an R&D and sales and marketing centre and a production site near Dublin, Ireland, as well as a production unit and R&D and sales and marketing centre in Daventry, England, near Frutarom’s site at Wellingborough, England.

The company has 39 employees. Its main activity is the development, production and marketing of specialty savoury taste solutions, which includes seasoning and functional blends, marinades, glazes, cures and specialty ingredients for food processors. Redbrook sales for the 12 month period ending June 2016, according to current exchange rates, amounted to approximately $25.4 mill. In the last three years Redbrook has exhibited double digit growth.

Source: Frutarom


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