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Recycling requires many competences

 The integrated operator assistance system detects weak points in the sealing seams of peelable packages and analyses their causes.
The integrated operator assistance system detects weak points in the sealing seams of peelable packages and analyses their causes.

GERMANY, Freising. The Fraunhofer Institute for Process Engineering and Packaging IVV (Freising, Germany) will be presenting innovations in the field of recyclable packaging and in the areas of automation and assistance for safe processes. The intelligent measuring device Pack Peel Scan was developed at the Processing Technology Division in Dresden.

This measuring device enables the standard-compliant measurement of the opening forces of thermoformed, peelable packaging and helps to quickly identify leaking packages. A self-learning operator assistance system is presented to increase the efficiency of processing and packaging lines. For the first time, a mobile device will enable fully automated cleaning of hygienically demanding production areas.

The institute's packaging and recycling experts will tailor recyclable packaging precisely to the specific requirements of products. They develop product-specific barrier concepts, evaluate the machinability of recyclable packaging materials and show how the developed CreaSolv-Process enables the clean separation of plastic composites. For the manifold challenges around the packaging law the Fraunhofer IVV offers support along the whole value chain from product to packaging and recycling. The product and process safety is always in the foreground.

Flexible and smart with Pack Peel Scan

Newly developed, recyclable materials in particular are initially put to the test in terms of machine runability and product safety. The operator assistance system integrated in the Pack Peel Scan uses artificial intelligence methods to detect weak points in the sealed seams of peelable packaging and analyses their causes. Even during the packaging process, deviations such as folds or impurities in the sealed seam can be quickly and reliably identified, defective products sorted out or process parameters specifically adjusted. The user interface (HMI) of the Pack Peel Scan has been developed with a new approach to providing task-oriented information. The design incorporates the newly established competence in engineering psychology in Dresden. This closes the gap between continuous data acquisition and clear design.

Especially the use of novel bio-based or recycled materials requires a high level of process and experience knowledge of operators and technicians. In order to keep valuable experience within the company, the institute in Dresden developed SAM, a self-learning assistance system for machine operators. With algorithms of machine learning and research results of psychology for information representation a system was developed, which supports employees according to the situation with the available knowledge. At the same time it motivates to learn, exchange and document their own ideas. Peerox GmbH, a spin-off of the Fraunhofer IVV, has based on the research results and launched a software as a modular add-on for new and existing systems on the market. With this product development, plant efficiencies are increased, scrap quantities are reduced and a contribution to sustainable production is made.

Source: Fraunhofer IVV


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