Forecast: Food trends till 2030

Food trends till 2030

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New trends are transforming the food industry and are driven by consumer demands.
New trends are transforming the food industry and are driven by consumer demands.

UNITED KINGDOM, London. Mintel, a market-research firm, published a report on the wants and needs of consumers. In its latest trend report, the organization predicts which three major trends will turn the global food, beverage and hospitality industry upside down over the next ten years.

● A changing world: Companies that do something for us and our planet will be successful.

● Intelligent nutrition: Technological progress is creating opportunities for improving physical and mental health tailored to the individual consumer.

● High-tech harvesting: Food science and advanced technology are becoming increasingly important for securing the global food supply.

For their own benefit and for the benefit of the planet, consumers will become increasingly plant-based. From beer made from bulky breakfast cereals to packaging made from fungal waste, companies are already paving the way for sustainable consumption and innovation by reusing food waste.

Consumers are learning what makes them unique through the increasing use of data collection technologies, apps and DNA testing. As life expectancy increases, they are trying to understand how healthy eating contributes to long-term mental health.

Using state-of-the-art technology, companies will bring product innovations to market, reduce production times and still be trustworthy. Agriculture will fight global food insecurity with new growing areas in Africa and India and agricultural innovations such as floating farms.

In this report, Alex Beckett, Associate Director, Mintel Food & Drink, and his team explain how health, technological advances and trust will drive the packaging industry and marketing to new heights of performance and change chemical formulations in the years ahead.

A changing world

"Over the next decade, consumers will yearn for real change, for someone to take the lead on environmental issues, ethical business practices, public health and other fundamental issues. Consumers will reward companies that are willing to act and tackle the major societal issues of our time with their loyalty. The companies that herald the new era of conscious consumption will emerge victorious from this decade. Because the conscious consumer of tomorrow wants environmentally friendly products and packaging. And they want to be supported in their choice for a more sustainable, environmentally conscious diet."

Intelligent nutrition

"Over the next ten years, DNA testing kits will help consumers learn more about themselves and adapt their diet and lifestyle for the benefit of their health. By specifically analyzing the results, they will understand what they need to do to improve their general health and their mental and emotional health. Companies that want to successfully support their customers in these efforts must develop a more individualized product range and smart home solutions".

High-tech harvesting

"The interlinking of science and food production will increase yields and combat climate change. It will be particularly important to educate consumers about the many advantages of synthetically produced foods over natural products, including sustainability, health benefits and cost savings. The industry must focus more on preserving nature and protecting humanity in order to be able to offer new, modern solutions. In a world where scientists will in future partly take over the role of farmers, transparency is the top priority. No matter whether the food comes from the laboratory or from the field. This is the only way to build trust."

Source: Mintel


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