Food industry: Manufacturers produce stable
Food industry

Manufacturers produce stable

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The VdEW sees no reason for panic purchases.
The VdEW sees no reason for panic purchases.

GERMANY, Hanover. Despite the spread of the coronavirus, companies in the food industry continue to produce in a stable manner. The VdEW sees no reason for panic purchases.

The food supply in the Federal Republic is secured. This is clearly pointed out by the Association of the Food Industry (VdEW) in Lower Saxony, Bremen and Saxony-Anhalt. The industry association is thus reacting to the hamster purchases that can be observed throughout the country.

The companies of the food industry in Lower Saxony, Bremen and Saxony-Anhalt can continue to ensure the production of food. Although the companies and their skilled workers are facing a challenge due to the increased demand for food, no bottlenecks in the basic supply of the population are currently expected due to production losses in the food industry, the association announced.

At the present time, neither supermarkets nor other grocery stores, as well as weekly markets and beverage markets, are affected by closures. The deputy managing director of the VdEW, Vehid Alemić, understands the uncertainty in the population and recommends "to keep calm and to stock up on food and shopping as usual".

The association's managing director pointed out that food companies can still maintain their production. However, it is considered that the food industry companies in Lower Saxony and Bremen are also among the key industries to which the closure orders regarding childcare do not apply, according to Alemić. The state of Saxony-Anhalt had already regulated this in its decree of 15 March 2020. Now the other federal states must follow suit in order to relieve the burden on employees in the food industry.

Source:; VdEW

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