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Food Safety

Poland to employ more inspectors to prevent suspect meat exports

Poland produces about 560,000 t of beef a year, with 85% of it exported.
Poland produces about 560,000 t of beef a year, with 85% of it exported.

POLAND, Warsaw. Polish authorities will install cameras in slaughterhouses and employ more health inspectors to prevent exports of contaminated beef to other EU countries, chief veterinarian Pawel Niemczuk said, after a TV report showed sick cows being taken for slaughter.

"Video surveillance will be available 24 hours a day, but there should be someone with medical and veterinary knowledge that would be able to come and assess if the animals are unloaded in line with regulations," Niemczuk said.

Poland, which exports most of the meat it produces, will spend $32.3 mill. in the next three years to implement these changes, Polish National Veterinary Chamber spokesmen told reporters.

Niemczuk said police have launched a criminal investigation into two companies after an undercover reporter filmed sick cows being transported to the slaughterhouse where they were mistreated and then killed.

Food processing plants received around 9,500 kg of suspect meat from the two companies, Pawel Niemczuk said at a news conference. Of that, 2,700 kgs went to fellow EU countries including Sweden, France and Portugal. Suspect meat exports also reached Romania, Hungary, Estonia, Finland, Spain, Lithuania and Slovakia.

Source: Reuters