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Grill taste that meets new EU requirements

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GERMANY, Holzminden. German supplier Symrise has developed a taste solution that imparts a natural grill taste to snacks, sauces, meat products and the like.

The product named Grillicious is an alternative to conventional grill flavorings which, from 22 April, 2018, onwards, may no longer be used due to an EU regulation.

As a result of the implementation directive of the European Union (EU) from 2012, the food industry is now required to offer taste solutions that comply with the regulation, yet at the same time still ensure the same taste experience. With Grillicious, Symrise provides food manufacturers with a suitable solution for their products.

“We developed Grillicious on the basis of the new EU requirements and were thus able to expand our high-quality and reliable range of flavorings and ingredients,” explains Simone Ehbrecht, Marketing Director of the Culinary EAME Flavor Division at Symrise. “With Grillicious, our customers get a grill flavor with the authentic grilled taste that they prefer. It also fulfills the requirements of the laws pertinent to them and can even be labeled as natural.”

The flavouring is derived from plant-based oils and can be labeled as a natural flavor. Symrise’s own, company-internal production guarantees sustainable and responsible processing and ensures that customers receive a reliable and approved product for their own applications. Furthermore, Grillicious ensures a stable price-performance ratio and a consistent taste profile in the food to be enjoyed.


Source: Symrise


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