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Food Safety

Australia-US agreement to benefit exporters


AUSTRALIA, Sydney. The signing of a bilateral Food Safety Recognition Agreement between Australia and the US this month puts Australian exporters in a strong position as preferred suppliers, according to the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources. This was reported by Industry News Food and Beverage.

According to the Department’s head of exports, Greg Read, said the agreement was the third the USA had undertaken with a trading partner and provided for the USA and Australia to recognise one another’s food safety and regulatory systems as comparable. This agreement, signed by the USA’s Food and Drug Administration and the Australian Department of Agriculture and Water Resources, will result in fewer in-country audits with compliance being managed by the exporting country.

Read said that this will place Australian food exporters in a position of benefit compared to those from other countries with no such agreements. Not all foods are included in this agreement, but most canned foods, seafood, dairy products, fresh fruit and vegetables, fruit juices, confectionary, baked goods and pet food are in scope. Read pointed out that the US and Australian regulations of foods such as meat, egg products, shellfish and dietary supplements are similar.
Source: Industry News Food and Beverage


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