Fipronil: Eggs from the Netherlands taken out...

Eggs from the Netherlands taken out of the range

Petra Bork /

GERMANY, Essen. Supermarket giant Aldi has withdrawn all eggs from sale from its stores in Germany as they may have been contaminated by insecticide. This war reported by BBC News.

Tests showed that the chemical fipronil, which can harm people's kidneys, liver and thyroid glands, was found in eggs from the Netherlands. Fipronil is used to treat lice and ticks in chickens. One German official said up to 10 mill. of the contaminated eggs may have been sold in Germany. Christian Meyer, the agriculture minister for Lower Saxony, told German television that there was a risk to children if they ate two of the eggs a day.

About 180 poultry farms in the Netherlands have been temporarily shut in recent days while investigations are held. Marieke van der Molen, of the Dutch public prosecutor's office, said a criminal investigation was under way to find the source of the contamination.

Meanwhile, European supermarkets have moved to halt the distribution of eggs from the affected batches. However, Aldi - which has close to 4,000 stores in Germany - is the first retailer to stop selling all eggs as a precaution.

The Netherlands is Europe's largest exporter of eggs and egg products, and one of the biggest in the world. It exports an estimated 65% of the 10 bn. eggs it produces every year.

Source: BBC News


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