Fat replacers to spiral in U.S. meat sector

by Editor fleischwirtschaft.com
Monday, May 05, 2008

Acoording to a new Global Industry Analysts (GIA) report the U.S. market for fat replacers is projected to reach 280,100 tons by the year 2010.

This development is driven by the rising demand for low-fat and fat free products due to continuing health trends. A compound annual growth rate of 6.03% is predicted between 2011 and 2015.

Fat replacers are anticipated to log significant growth in the meat and dairy sector, as low calorie and reduced-fat foods such as low-fat meat products, spreads and creams are gaining huge popularity in these markets.

However, fat-based fat replacers are expected to see a decline because of health concerns related to olestra, a top-selling fat-based fat replacer, says the report.

Protein-based fat replacers are anticipated to take some of the thunder of carbohydrate-based fat replacers market over the coming years, as the demand is increasing for low-fat foods with high nutritional content and low calories.

The market for protein-based fat replacers is expected to reach $195.51 million by 2012, and volume sales of carbohydrate-based ones are forecast to reach 222,080 metric tons by 2015, according to GIA.

Over 300 million adults are obese worldwide, representing a three-fold increase since the 1980s, according to latest statistics from the WHO and the International Obesity Task Force.