FSIS issues notice on importation from Canada

FSIS issues notice on importation from Canada

The Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) has issued Notice 80-09: Importation of Canadian Cattle, Bison, Sheep and Goats in the United States. This notice provided updated information to FSIS inspection programme personnel (IPP) about the receipt, slaughter and inspection of cattle, bison, sheep and goats imported from Canada.

Key points include the following:

- Bovines born after March 1, 1999, arriving from Canada are eligible for slaughter.

- Verification of animals coming from the feedlot refers to activities involving sheep and goats only in this notice and no longer involves bovines.

- IPP are to conduct another awareness meeting at establishments that have chosen to, or that may choose to, receive ruminants from Canada.

- FSIS will no longer hold pregnant bovines. Pregnant cattle and bison are now eligible for slaughter.

- Collection of fetal bovine serum from the fetuses of Canadian animals is no longer prohibited.

- The notice identifies a new a place to send the VS Form 1-27, “Permit for Movement of Restricted Animals”
Source: AMI - American Meat Institute