FSIS issues notice for Child Nutrition

FSIS issues notice for Child Nutrition

The Food Safety and Inspection Service (FSIS) issued Notice 24-09: Child Nutrition (CN) Labelled Products. This notice announces that inspection program personnel are no longer responsible for verifying establishments’ implementation of Quality Control (QC) programs for CN labeling. The Agriculture Marketing Service has assumed this responsibility.

Inspection program personnel at establishments that use CN labeling are to inform the management of this change at the next weekly meeting after receipt of this notice. Although FSIS inspection program personnel no longer need to verify the establishments’ implementation of the QC programs for CN labeling, inspection program personnel are to continue to verify non-CN related labeling requirements associated with product standards when performing PBIS procedure code 04B01.

Inspection program personnel are also to continue to verify the aspects of procedure code 04B02 that do not deal with CN labeled products (such as declared count, or grade labeling) when performing that verification procedure. This notice cancels FSIS Directive 7222.1 dated 9-9-98, Inspection Requirements for Food and Nutrition Service In-Plant Control Program.
Source: AMI – American Meat Institute



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