FMD outbreak in South America

by Editor
Thursday, December 06, 2007

Ecuador’s Agriculture Sanitary Service (SESA) confirmed an outbreak of foot and mouth disease in the province of Tenguel.

The notification report submitted to the World Organisation for Animal Health on 22 November 2007 says that there are 30 cases of positively detected animals involved.

The infected animals were bovines one to four months old – this outbreak occurred because during the last vaccination campaign the animals were less than one month old and were not vaccinated. As a result of this case, during the next vaccination campaign, all animals will be vaccinated, including animals younger than one month.

Measures taken to contain the outbreak include restrictions on animal movements inside the country, vaccination of bovine animals in the surrounding area, disinfection of infected premises and establishments and 10 km quarantine zone around the affected farm. The source of infection is classified as unknown or inconclusive.