Extension of withdrawal of imported Dutch bee...

Extension of withdrawal of imported Dutch beef

The Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira has ordered all beef delivered to Finland by a Dutch company to be recalled. This includes also products manufactured from this beef.

All companies that have used the beef in their products are required to recall their products from sale. Helsinki-based PNM-PAN Nordic Meat Oy (meat trader) has already carried out the withdrawal of all meat delivered to their customers.

The origin of the beef cannot be established due to deficient traceability data. Health hazards cannot be ruled out for this reason. Also, some of the beef batches contain horse meat, which is not indicated in labelling.

Dutch control authorities have ordered as a precautionary measure the products delivered by Willy Selten B.V. / Wiljo Import en Export B.V. during the period 1.1.2011–15.2.2013 to be withdrawn. A total of ca. 50 million kilograms of beef has been delivered to 16 EU member states. In Finland, PNM-PAN Nordic Meat Oy in Helsinki has imported this beef and delivered it further to several Finnish companies.

Evira is about to send control requests to the local food control authorities in municipalities in which companies that have received Dutch beef from PNM-PAN Nordic Meat Oy operate. Evira asks the municipalities to verify that the companies instigate product recall measures.
Source: Evira