Exports: Australien market conditions shifted

Australien market conditions shifted

Australien red meat exports
Australien red meat exports

AUSTRALIA, Northern Sydney. 2019 has been an extreme year for Australian red meat exports, with domestic and international conditions shifting dramatically. While drought induced turnoff has buoyed meat supply, China’s pull on Australian red meat and a soft A$ has supported international demand. With one month to go, 2019 is set to be the third largest year ever for beef exports (behind 2014 and 2015), the top year for lamb, third for mutton and tenth for goatmeat.

Beef exports for 2019 have been strong and, with one month to go in the year, total export volume sits at 1.11 mill. t shipped weight (swt), 8% above 2018 for the year-to-November period. Growth of grassfed beef exports has been huge, with an additional 73,500 t swt (10%) shipped so far this year. Grainfed beef shipments grew by 5,000 t swt, up 2% on last year.

Beef exports to the US and Indonesia have remained steady however the majority of other markets are down as a result of surging demand from China. China has accounted for all of Australia’s additional export volume in 2019 and then some, expanding by 119,000 t swt. Subsequently, China’s share of total Australian beef exports has increased from 14% in 2018 to 24% this year – now sitting even with traditional powerhouse, Japan. Assuming December volumes replicate November, Japan will relinquish the title of Australia’s top beef export destination to China.

Source: MLA


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