Export markets for U.S. meat to reopen in 200...

Export markets for U.S. meat to reopen in 2008

The American Farm Bureau Federation's has announced that key export markets for U.S. beef and pork should reopen later this year.

Currently the Korean beef market, Australia's third biggest export market, is closed to U.S. beef because of Korean concerns about BSE contamination, but the efforts of the U.S. especially include beef exports to Korea.

Solid U.S. export market growth is also possible in Mexico, Russia, China, Japan and elsewhere in the years ahead, according to two top U.S. trade experts.

Richard Crowder, a senior adviser to U.S. Trade Representative Susan C. Schwab, believes South Korea will resume imports of U.S. beef soon, with a new administration taking office in South Korea, and with resumption of the U.S.-Korea beef trade approaching.

Crowder and economist Erin Daley of the U.S. Meat Export Federation agreed that an increase in the number of middle-class consumers overseas will translate into more individuals who can afford meat, especially higher-quality cuts. Further, the weak value of the U.S. dollar makes it easier for foreign countries to purchase U.S.-produced meat and other products.

Daley reported that global consumption of red meat is up by nearly 400% in recent years.

High tariffs and non-science-based barriers, such as zero-tolerance levels of salmonella, are significant obstacles at this time. Crowder said it is essential that tariffs and quotas, held by other countries, be reduced or eliminated for U.S. agricultural producers to have opportunities to build business abroad.

Source: Farmonline


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