Export: Finland to take over the Asian market...

Finland to take over the Asian markets

Business Finland

FINLAND, Helsinki. Finnish food exports are growing thanks to the new markets opened in Asia and Africa.

In the last couple of years, Finland exported food worth €1.5 bn. and €1.6 bn. respectively. This year, the country could reach €1.7 bn. in food exports and is aiming for a €3 bn. figure until 2020, according to Esa Wrang, director of Business Finland’s Food from Finland programme.

“Food safety definitely gives Finland an export edge in faraway markets”, declared Wrang. So far, Finland hasn’t been affected by salmonella or bird flu outbreaks in the poultry sector, while pork producers started their exports to China in March.

Meantime, pork has been delivered to the Chinese market starting the second quarter of this year and there is a good chance to access the South African market as well in the following months.

“I believe that food exports will continue to grow. The core question is whether we reach three billion euros. What’s essential is that we’re on a growth track” pointed Wrang.


Source: Business Finland


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