Expansion: Westfleisch invests in Coesfeld

Westfleisch invests in Coesfeld

The production facility in Coesfeld is to be expanded.
The production facility in Coesfeld is to be expanded.

GERMANY, Münster. Westfleisch aims to reduce traffic congestion and odours for local residents for its plant in Coesfeld. The city regards the plans favourably.

Westfleisch is planning extensive conversions and extensions at its site in Coesfeld. The company has therefore applied to the city for changes to the development plan. The construction measures are intended to expand capacity and increase the number of employees.

The wish of the third-largest meat company in Germany is to expand the company premises to the west. Currently, for example, sorting possibilities in meat cutting and processing are being optimized "in order to be able to meet the increasing requirements in the future while maintaining healthy profitability," a spokesman confirmend to fleischwirtschaft.de.

The expansion measures now planned will focus on further quality improvements and even more resource-efficient production. According to the spokesman, Westfleisch is only at the beginning of the planning and approval process. The group assumes that the entire conversion measures will be completed within the next three years.

In the Westfleisch production network, the Coesfeld location is one of the leading production sites for the processing of pork. Only at the beginning of November did the group impose an efficiency programme on itself.

Source: Westfleisch, afz


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