Emerging markets draw meat machinery exports

Emerging markets draw meat machinery exports

German meat processing machinery exports are shifting to developing markets such as South America and Asia, according to German food processing and packaging machinery association VDMA.

While Europe was still the most important sales region, VDMA said 14% of exports were already sold to Asia and 12% to Latin America. And the organisation said at the same time, the European share had decreased from 60% to 50% within five years.

According to data from VDMA, the two foremost single markets for meat processing machinery have been Russia and the US. This is followed by France, China, Austria, UK, Spain, Switzerland, Italy and Australia.

However, the list of the top 25 today also includes countries such as Venezuela, Chile, Mexico, Thailand, South Korea and South Africa.

In addition, meat processing machinery exports to the Near East and Middle East have increased dynamically within the last few years and amounted to €75 mill. in 2011. The most important single market in the region was Saudi- Arabia, followed by Iran and United Arab Emirates.

Growth in the sector would continue to be driven by rising meat consumption, with a focus on countries in Asia, Latin America, Africa and the Middle East. In many countries, particularly those with a strong backlog demand and sound economic development, the projected annual growth rates would reach double digit figures.

Germany covered one third of world exports of meat processing machinery with the Netherlands representing 20% and Italy, the US, Austria, Denmark, China, Spain, Poland and France with shares between four and eight percent.

World exports of meat processing machinery were buoyant, having grown by more than 50% in the past 10 years. However, this did not represent the entire market.

Packaging machinery for meat and meat products, weighing technology, logistics, robotics and automation and other components have to be considered, but there are no clear figures for these areas.
Source: German food processing and packaging machinery association VDMA