EU scheme to distribute free food to people in need

by Editor
Thursday, March 27, 2008

A public internet consultation on future of the EU scheme "Food Distribution to the Most Deprived Persons" has been launched.

The European Commission is inviting charitable bodies, government services and all interested NGOs (Non-Governmental Organisations), as well as the general public to share their opinion and to contribute to a web-powered consultation on the EU scheme to distribute free food to people in need in the Community.

The wide public is invited to give a feed-back on a number of key questions in relation with the EU programme to distribute free food to the most deprived persons in the Community through a call for contributions to a large internet-consultation. The consultation runs from 19 March until 14 May 2008.

With the evolution of the CAP (Common Agricultural Policy), the basis for the free food distributed to charities changed. For this reason this EU scheme will undergo a review in 2008. The aim of the consultation is to collect comments and suggestions that will help to assess possible options for the programme's future.

Since 1986, the European Commission made available some € 2.5 billion under the Food aid scheme for the most deprived people in the Community. In 2007, the aid reached more than 13 million beneficiaries in 18 Member States.

The scheme has been based originally on European intervention stocks. With the reform of CAP, these stocks have decreased drastically and, in some cases, even disappeared. Therefore, the revision of the existing scheme is necessary.