EU beef and lamb production to fall

EU beef and lamb production to fall

According to a EU Commission report, EU-27 production levels of both beef and lamb are projected to decline towards 2013.

The report on Prospects for Agricultural Markets and Income in the EU (European Market Survey), forecasts that world agricultural commodity markets are projected to show growing demand and trade in the period 2006–2013.

In contrast, the outlook for poultry and pigmeat is positive with production levels for poultry being expected to increase by 7% through to 2013, to 11.86 million tonnes, while pigmeat production is forecast to rise 3%, to 22.54 million tonnes.

EU-27 beef production is projected to total 7.76 million tonnes in 2013 – a 6% decline on 2006 levels. Much of the decline in production for this period can be attributed to the reduced incentives for intensive beef production, along with an expected rise in feed costs. Sheepmeat production up to 2013 is projected to decline 5% on 2006 levels, to 1.06 million tonnes.

Per capita meat consumption for the EU-27 in 2013 is forecast to reach 86.8kg/head, up slightly on 85kg/head in 2006. Consumption of both pigmeat and poultry is expected to increase over this period, while beef and sheepmeat consumption is expected to decline.

Source: Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA)