EU-Symposium about health risk assessment

by Editor
Friday, October 03, 2008

The French Food Safety Agency (AFSSA), and the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) are organising a symposium that will examine the EU-food safety system.

The current European food, animal and plant health system has been developed to ensure a high-level of consumer, farm and plant protection. Every single stage, from primary production to distribution, is monitored, regulated and checked. Imported products, animals or plants are also subject to controls. These include inspections in exporting countries by European Union inspectors, import checks, and the recognition of the equivalence of non-EU health systems.

During the EU Agriculture Council meeting that took place in Luxembourg on 23 June, the French Minister of Agriculture and Fisheries, Michel Barnier, presented the memorandum “Food, Animal and Plant Imports: Health Safety and Conformity to Community Rules”. It identifies areas of concern including those areas that could be improved such as a more in-depth analysis of the health risks associated with imports.

This meeting aims to discuss proposals for strengthening and adapting the current system, particularly through the contributions of risk managers to risk assessments.