EFSA's scientific experts meet applicants on ...

EFSA's scientific experts meet applicants on health claims process

Experts from EFSA's Panel on Dietetic products, nutrition and allergies (NDA) met health claims applicants and industry experts in Brussels for an exchange of views on the presentation of applications for health claim authorisations.

The meeting was an opportunity to further explain the claims evaluation process to applicants and provide additional guidance in the light of experiences gained so far with the assessment of claim applications related to Article 14 and 13(5) claims of the Regulation on nutrition and health claims.

Professor Albert Flynn, Chair of EFSA's NDA Panel said: It had been a very successful public consultation on EFSA's evaluation of health claims. Discussions with industry on guidance and new communications procedures would help applicants for the authorisation of claims and would also benefit the overall efficiency of EFSA's evaluation process.

EFSA has decided to further develop procedures for communication with applicants while claims are being evaluated including greater use of the "stop the clock" procedure when NDA experts consider it necessary to request additional information regarding an application. This will help ensure that there is a shared, mutual understanding between the panel and the applicant of the claim to be evaluated prior to adoption of the final opinion. The NDA Panel may request supplementary information from applicants to clarify in particular the object of the claim (e.g. whether it relates to a component of the foodstuff or the product itself) or the claimed health relationship.
Source: EFSA - European Food Safety Authority
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