EFSA publishes opinions on function of health...

EFSA publishes opinions on function of health claims

EFSA has published a second series of opinions on a list of 'general function' health claims compiled by Member States and the European Commission.

Scientific experts on EFSA’s Panel on Dietetic Products, Nutrition and Allergies (NDA) assessed all available scientific data submitted to substantiate the 416 health claims. These opinions have been sent to the European Commission and to Member States which will ultimately decide whether to authorise these claims or not.

The evaluations of the NDA Panel were positive when there was sufficient scientific evidence available to support the claim, such as those related to vitamins and minerals. Experts issued unfavourable opinions on most of the claims in the second series due to the poor quality of the information provided to EFSA including:

- lack of information to identify the substance on which the claim is based, e.g. “probiotics”;

- lack of evidence that the claimed effect is indeed beneficial to the maintenance or improvement of the functions of the body (e.g. food with "antioxidant properties");

- lack of human studies with reliable measures of the claimed health benefit.

This is the second series of opinions on ‘general function’ health claims and the Panel is continuing its work on the remaining claims on the list. This phased approach has been adopted due to the very large number of claims received for evaluation and the requirement, for EFSA, to publish opinions soon after adoption in order to ensure transparency. In carrying out its work, EFSA combines similar claims (e.g. by substance and/or the benefit) in order to form coherent opinions.
Source: EFSA – European Food Safety Authority


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