EFSA initiates re-evaluation of feed additive...

EFSA initiates re-evaluation of feed additives

The European Food Safety Authority’s FEEDAP Panel has recently published one of its first opinions on the safety and efficacy of feed additives submitted by manufacturers for re-evaluation.

The Panel is re-evaluating all feed additives currently on the market, authorised under the previous regulatory framework [1], and in line with current EU legislation on feed additives [2] for use in animal nutrition. The aim of the work is to ensure that all feed additives in Europe are re-assessed following the same, up-to-date guidelines [3] taking into account the newest scientific developments.

EFSA has already received more than 30 feed additive applications for re-evaluation. In addition, the FEEDAP Panel is continuing to assess new additives submitted for authorisation in the EU, or new uses for additives already authorised. To date EFSA has evaluated more than 200 feed additive applications.

There are currently about 2,800 feed additives on the EU market. To maintain these products on the market, the feed industry has to submit applications to the European Commission and EFSA containing the scientific data needed to underpin the re-evaluation of their products.

EFSA’s FEEDAP Panel evaluates the potential impact of feed additives on animal and human health and on the environment. All feed additives containing micro-organisms are also tested for their possible resistance to antibiotics used in human and veterinary medicine.
Source: EFSA – European Food Safety Authority