EFSA consults on risk-benefit assessment of f...

EFSA consults on risk-benefit assessment of food

The European Food Safety Authority’s Scientific Committee has published guidance on the risk-benefit assessment of food for public consultation.

As foods provide health benefits but can sometimes also present health risks – for example, fruit and vegetables provide key nutrients but can sometimes also contain potentially harmful substances such as nitrates[1] – it is important for decision-makers to be able to take into account the net health impact of different foods.

EFSA’s Scientific Committee recommends a three-step approach consisting of: an initial assessment which considers whether a risk-benefit assessment is actually needed or, alternatively, if the health risk clearly outweighs the health benefit (or vice versa); a refined assessment aimed at quantifying estimates of risk and benefit at relevant exposure levels; and finally, a full comparison of the combined risk and benefit to establish a net health impact value.

The Scientific Committee specifies that risk-benefit assessments should be based on clearly defined objectives to be agreed beforehand between risk-benefit assessors and decision-makers. The outlined approach should help to save time and resources as the assessors would report to decision-makers after each stage of the process, enabling the latter to decide whether sufficient information is already available for decisions to be taken without having to proceed through all of the steps.
Source: EFSA – European Food Safety Authority


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