EFSA-Meeting of European Union agencies' head...

EFSA-Meeting of European Union agencies' heads

The Directors of EU agencies have established a network to provide a forum for exchanging views and experiences on issues of common interest and new developments. From the 1 March 2009 until the end of February 2010, EFSA will coordinate this network. Its role entails holding the network presidency jointly with the previous and future chairs, chairing meetings of the network and coordinating activities. The network meets routinely three times year.

At this meeting in October, agency Executive Directors will discuss a coordinated strategy with regards to the preliminary findings of an evaluation on the functioning of the agencies led by the European Commission. The main topics of the meeting are the on-going discussions of the inter-institutional working group set up by the European Commission on the regulatory framework of EU agencies, and a presentation by the Commission on internal audit and fraud prevention policies.

The next meeting of the Heads of EU agencies network will take place in January 2010 in Brussels.
Source: EFSA – European Food Safety Authority