EC consults on animal cloning in food product...

EC consults on animal cloning in food production

The European Commission (EC) is urging industry players, public bodies and ordinary citizens to take part in its consultation exercise on proposed measures on animal cloning in food production.

The Commission is calling for views on the acceptance of techniques and the possible introduction of EU regulations on the use of cloned animals in food processing and the food chain. The issue was originally earmarked for inclusion in recent novel food regulations but concerns from MEPs forced the EC to agree to consider it as separate measure.

The Commission opened the consultation exercise last week to a raft of sectors, including food manufacturers and those in the retail and distribution segments. Farmers, animal breeders, cloning companies, non-governmental organisations, public authorities and citizens are also able to comment.

The information will be included in an impact assessment that is likely to form
the basis for proposed EU legislation in 2013.

Comments, which must be submitted by September 3 2012, should be sent to


European Commission, Directorate General Health and Consumers, Unit E6
Innovation and sustainability, B-1049 - Belgium
Source: The European Commission