Digitization: Poultry industry bound for data...

Poultry industry bound for data-driven processing

Marel Poultry
The running lines made the demo hall look like a real one-day show plant.
The running lines made the demo hall look like a real one-day show plant.

DENMARK, Copenhagen. Marel’s third Poultry ShowHow puts the focus on ‘Data-driven Xceleration’, representing the future of digitally controlled poultry processing.

The event centered around the theme ‘Data-driven Xceleration’. All customers understand that the future of poultry processing will unfold in the digital area. All activities during the ShowHow referred to the digital control of processes in the poultry plant. The conclusion of the event was made by Rabobank’s Nan-Dirk Mulder. He presented a global overview of the poultry market, signaling key trends in this fast-changing industry.

The demo hall featured an elaborate fillet handling solution, ready to process real breast caps. Starting with an AMF-i breast cap filleting system, various modules in the line, including SensorX, I-Cut 122, SmartSplitter and RoboBatcher, processed the fillets. Other presentations in the demo hall involved Multihead Weigher Medium, Compact Grader and a complete Convenience Food Line, including RevoBreader.

Source: Marel Poultry


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