Belgium: Debra-Meat and Goossens merge

Debra-Meat and Goossens merge


BELGIUM, Tielt, Waregem. Debra-Meat bvba, a member of the Debra-Group, Vleesgroothandel Goossens nv, Slachthuizen Goossens nv, Tracomont nv and Parego nv signed an agreement to merge their porc meat activities.

In joining forces these two established family groups consolidate and strengthen their leading role in the domestic market and aim to extend the already interesting market shares in the European and world markets. This merger is the key to the achievement of the medium-term objectives both partners had defined and now consider to be the prime goals for the merger.

Driven by their characteristic passionate entrepreneurship, the merging companies will use the integration, know-how and business synergies to leverage performance through the new entity in the highly competitive pork meat producing sector. Given recent considerable investments in performant equipment and productive infrastructure in Tielt, the new group expects a positive impact on service to customers, productivity and overall employment.

As the first step in the merger all slaughter and cutting activities will be concentrated on the extended and modernized site of Debra-Group in Tielt, where Debra-Meat nv will be located.

This transition is due to be completed no later than 30 June, 2017. From that point on, further integration within one operational business operation can be intensified.

The merger is subject to approval by the Polish competition authorities. Following that approval the board will immediately launch the stepwise transition as stated above.


Source: Debra-Group


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