Danish Minister supports transparency

Danish Minister supports transparency

Danish Minister Mette Gjerskov supports the publication of information regarding the beneficiaries of European agricultural funds.

The Commission has recently put forward a proposal on publishing the names of the recipients of EU agricultural funds. The proposal includes the publication of the financial aid received by each individual farmer.

Many Member States reacted against the proposal when it was put forward at the Council meeting in Luxembourg on Monday 22 October. Danish Minister Mette Gjerskov is, however, much in favour of the idea:

He stated that of course everybody should have access to the information on how the money was being spent. Farm subsidies accounted for 40% of the EU budget. This was taxpayers´ money, and of course they should have the possibility to see how all the money was being spent.

At the Council meeting many Member States expressed scepticism toward the transparency proposal. Only Sweden, United Kingdom and Denmark spoke clearly in favour of full transparency.

Some Member States wanted to exempt small farmers and expressed worries about the administrative burdens connected with the publication.
Source: Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Fisheries of Denmark