Danish Crown to take over Swedish meat proces...

Danish Crown to take over Swedish meat processor

Danish Crown, Randers, and the owners of Ugglarps Slakteri AB, Skaane, have signed a letter of intent concerning Danish Crown’s takeover of the Swedish company.

Ugglarps Slakteri AB consisting of a pig slaughterhouse and a processing factory is one of the largest companies in the Swedish pigmeat industry.

Danish Crown and the subsidiary Tulip Food Company are already offering the Swedish market a strong product range, and the takeover of Ugglarps Slakteri will add to this strength.

The acquisition of the Ugglarps pig slaughterhouse will open up for a strong regional network of pig producers, and it will enable the slaughtering of the Swedish pigs in the local slaughterhouse in Skaane (Southern Sweden).

Ugglarps Slakteri AB has a turnover of approx. SEK 600 million, and it has a processing factory in Fosieby near Malmö, and the pig slaughterhouse is located in Ugglarp near Trelleborg. The pig slaughterhouse employs approx. 170 persons.

The takeover of the Ugglarps activities will take place later this year when the due diligence process has been completed.

Danish Crown is one of the largest meat processors worldwide with an annual turnover of about 6.45 billion euro.

Source: Danish Crown