Danish Crown rationalises sow slaughterings

Danish Crown rationalises sow slaughterings

Danish Crown

After almost six months of negotiations, a solution has now been found for Danish Crown's sow slaughterhouse in Skærbæk. The agreement means that in future all Danish Crown's slaughterings of sows in Jutland will take place here. This means that the sow department at the slaughterhouse in Sæby is set to close.

The 85 employees at the slaughterhouse in Skærbæk have said yes to comprehensive rationalisations and reorganisation of the production processes at the slaughterhouse, while Danish Crown has for its part agreed to make a number of investments. In total, expectations are that the slaughterhouse operations can be improved by around DKK15 mill. a year.

So far, the slaughterhouse in Sæby has handled a smaller proportion of the sow slaughterings, and they are now set to be moved to the sow slaughterhouse in Skærbæk as a result of the streamlining measures being implemented there. The closure of sow department in Sæby will affect 29 employees, who will be covered by the rules for company closures.

Today, the slaughterhouse in Sæby slaughters 48,000 pigs a week and has 800 employees.

The market for sow slaughterings in Denmark is relatively limited, and attracting a sufficient supply of sows to ensure the efficient and profitable operation of the slaughterhouse in Skærbæk has therefore been a challenge. One way of improving capacity utilisation there is channelling all Danish Crown sow slaughterings in Jutland to this slaughterhouse.

The sow slaughterhouse in Skærbæk slaughters 240,000 sows a year, while around 90,000 are slaughtered in Sæby.
Source: Danish Crown


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