Danish Crown considers investing in Danish wo...

Danish Crown considers investing in Danish workplaces

Danish Crown’s Board of Directors decided to approve the preliminary planning of a new cattle slaughterhouse in Denmark. This is the first step towards establishing state-of-the-art slaughterhouse technology for cattle.

Establishing a modern cattle slaughterhouse will inevitably have implications for the cattle slaughterhouses in Tønder and Holstebro and the deboning departments in Skjern and Fårvang. According to Danish Crown, one of the most important considerations in the final decision will be whether productivity and the costs level can guarantee a competitive basis for the company.

It is last year’s good results in DC Beef that have made it relevant to look at the possibility of optimising cattle slaughterhouse capacity. The results made it possible to allocate resources so that a new facility will not be an excessive burden to members.

Building a new slaughterhouse at an estimated cost of half a billion Danish kroner breaks with developments in recent years which have seen jobs being transferred, but it does not mark a new strategic direction for the group.
Source: Danish Crown