Danish Crown: DC launches its own plant burge...
Danish Crown

DC launches its own plant burger


DENMARK, Randers. Meat company Danish Crown (DC) wants to enter the market with its own plant burger, which should also meet special sustainability criteria.

The managing director of Danish Crown Beef, Finn Klostermann, announced that the Danish group would launch a corresponding product in stores this year in order to participate in the “megatrend” Veggie-Burger.

According to Klostermann, the basic ingredients of the burger will be peas and beetroot. The use of imported protein carriers such as soya will be deliberately avoided in order to be able to offer customers a product made entirely from local ingredients, according to the managing director of DC Beef.

According to him, the company is not planning a perfect imitation of meat. Rather, the aim is to offer customers a fresh and tasty alternative to conventional burgers. Klostermann therefore does not see the new product as a competitor to its own meat range. Instead, the company wants to accommodate the changing consumer habits of consumers, who often consume less but higher quality meat. The extended range also offers families the opportunity to satisfy their different preferences for meat, vegetarian or vegan products.

Source: Danish Crown


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