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Company operates at full production

Danish Crown
In general, it is very "business as usual" in cattle slaughterhouses .
In general, it is very "business as usual" in cattle slaughterhouses .

DENMARK, Randers. Production in the cattle slaughterhouses is under full pressure, although large parts of Danish and European society have been closed down to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

In recent weeks, European countries have more or less closed down their municipalities to prevent the coronavirus from spreading. Danish society has also been hard hit, but production in Danish Crown's cattle slaughterhouses is running more or less normally in an otherwise exceptional situation.

"Since Monday last week we have been in full production and have sometimes been very busy because of some unusually large orders. However, we have received all the goods we need, and this has only been possible because our employees have put a lot of effort into this," says Ivan Schmidt, Production Manager at Danish Crown Beef.

He continues that he is generally very confident and that there will be a full and trouble-free production in the cattle slaughterhouses this week and that the pace will probably be more normal than last week.

The key word is dialogue

In general, it is very "business as usual" in cattle slaughterhouses to remove the numerous initiatives taken to prevent the spread of infection.

"The entire supply and production process functions more or less normally. The only thing that has changed are all the reservations and initiatives we have taken to prevent the spread of infections. And we do everything we can to achieve this." He emphasises that the key word for him is dialogue and that it is important that there is a constant dialogue with land and transport companies so that everyone is kept as well informed as possible about the situation.

For Schmidt, however, it is crucial during this period that he has safe employees. He would like to do this through constant dialogue, so that the employees have all the necessary information, but also hear their side of the situation: "If our employees feel insecure or do not want to go to work, we have no production. Then there are no products for the customers, which means that the shelves are empty for the consumers. So it's an absolute must for me to make sure that my employees feel safe in their work."


Source: Danish Crown


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