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Danish Crown

Company boosts sales in Southeast Asia

DENMARK, Randers. Economic growth in South East Asia is continuing. The Danish Crown Group is therefore establishing a head office for the region in Vietnam. With support from two new sales offices in Taiwan and the Philippines, the new head office will be responsible for boosting sales throughout Southeast Asia.

Via its ESS-FOOD subsidiary, the Danish Crown Group helped open up meat exports from Denmark and Europe to the countries in Southeast Asia. Meat consumption in the region has now reached a level that makes it interesting for the Danish Crown Group to have its own sales offices in several countries.

The market for meat in Southeast Asia has grown significantly over the past decade. The Philippines is currently the fifth-largest market for pork from Europe, and in the past year alone, exports have grown by almost 15%. The growth has been driven by a combination of greater prosperity and better opportunities for distributing frozen meat products in the region.

The strengthened sales efforts in South East Asia will be managed from Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam. Within a few months, the office will be supplemented with sales offices in Manila and Taiwan, while sales to Thailand and Singapore will be handled by the Vietnam office.

So far, ESS-FOOD and Danish Crown have operated separately in the region, but from now on the sales force will represent both companies, in line with Danish Crown's 4WD strategy.

In connection with the strengthening of the office in Ho Chi Minh City and the opening of the new offices in Manila and Taiwan, Danish Crown has decided to shut down its sales office in Singapore.

Source: Danish Crown


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