DMRI: Improving yield in leg deboning

Improving yield in leg deboning


DENMARK, Taastrup. For the last two years, DMRI has intensified the focus on poultry processing.

Currently, the institute carries out research within live bird handling, stunning, improved water holding capacity, utilization of side streams and vision detection of wooden breasts.

Based on this research the institute offers a consultancy services focused on yield and quality improvements.

DMRI has developed an upgrade kit that improves yield and minimizes bone fragments from the Stork/Marel MX and NT leg deboning lines. The yield is improved by 2–3%, and the prevalence of bone fragments is reduced by up to 50%. The upgrade kit consists of an improved shackle design and a flexible knife system, both patent applied, that improve the cutting of tendons around the leg.

CTO Michael Østedgaard from Scandi Standard, who modified their lines in cooperation with the institute states: “Collaboration with DMRI is effective, and the agreed actions are implemented quickly. Scandi Standard has experienced an impressive improvement in yields and a significant reduction in bone fracments from the upgrated Stork/Marel MX and NT leg deboning lines".


Source: DMRI