DMRI: Improving profit in three focus areas

Improving profit in three focus areas


DENMARK, Taastrup. DMRI’s consultants are able to help meat processors to succeed in reducing their company's CAPEX and OPEX.

The specialists have had many tasks at different slaughterhouses working out 'Strategic development & investment plans' pointing out savings up to 10%. Through a changed operational approach and investments they can also guide a company and show the management how to increase the performance.

Knowing that 1% yield boost improvement typically corresponds to 13% labour cost reduction, the institute has developed methods and systems to improve competitive advantages based on yield optimization. Recent yield boost projects increased profit by 0.05–0.14 €/kg

A meat company’s bottom line is heavily dependent on its ability to utilize its capacity 100%, meaning equipment and operators. Productivity improvement is production of higher value with fixed or lower costs. According to DMRI's experience, the potential for improvements in productivity is up to 10% of the total cost per kg produced. The productivity boost implies increasing the amount of kg and/or units produced with the lowest number of operators possible – and utilizing each production hour to the fullest.

Many slaughterhouses and food companies can save money by recovering surplus heat. It’s a simple equation – it’s a question of using the savings to cover the cost of improving their energy efficiency. Just one visit from DMRI’s experts will often result in significant savings on energy costs. The institute can also assist with financial planning so that customers will see improvements on their bottom line right from day one – without having to make further investments.


Source: Danish Technological Institute


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