DMRI: Generic meat moving robot

Generic meat moving robot


DENMARK, Taastrup. DMRI have developed a generic robot platform for handling fresh and wrapped meat.

The application consists of a high-precision complex vision system, a product specific hygienic designed suction cup and a robot. The hardware has been thoroughly tested and found suitable for the meat processing industry.

The platform can quickly be programmed and used for multiple functions, due to a user-friendly interface, and can easily be moved between different packaging operations.The machine can be used in places where uniformly repetitive work is necessary, but for occupational safety reasons, it is desirable to protect employees.

Main operational data:
• Reach of robot= 978 mm (can be changed depending on the specific operation)
• Capacity of vacuum packed products from conveyor to box= 1500 pcs/h
• Capacity of fresh products from box to conveyor= 1100 pcs/h
• Capacity of fresh products from conveyor to conveyor= 1200 pcs/h
• No growth in bacteria on the suction cup during an average working day.

DMRI have great knowledge within automation of manual processes and are known for high quality engineering.


Source: Danish Meat Research Institute


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