DFC aims to put Denmark on top

DFC aims to put Denmark on top

Leading Danish food companies have joined with universities and regional government in an effort to highlight Denmark's world-class food industry innovation - setting it on a par with The Netherlands' Food Valley.

Søren Madsen, clusterpreneur and inspiration manager at Agro Food Park, said that he and his colleagues were a little bit frustrated that when they sit outside Europe and try to see where to put European activities, Food Valley and Wageningen are the only places they see. That is why they had been working for the past year to create the Danish Food Cluster (DFC).

Agro Food Park is an international centre for innovation and distribution of knowledge within the agriculture and food sector as well as the associated technology sector. The centre was officially opened in 2009.

It was established based on the fact that the Danish agriculture and food industry needs to excel within innovation and be in constant development in order to sustain a competitive position compared to the industry in the rest of the world. Denmark cannot compete on low production costs or wages nor the production areas, and therefore it is of utmost importance to maintain forces: innovation and development.

Agro Food Park strives to create a unique interplay between industry, universities, institutions and investors. It´s role is to facilitate connections and co-operation between these by creating environments that generates optimum conditions for the sharing of knowledge along with opportunities to make new connections.

On a daily basis, 800 employees spread across 26 companies work in Agro Food Park. They work together on 30,000 square metres of office space and have laboratory and conference facilities at disposal as well.

Madsen sees the success of the Danish Food Cluster as critical for the long-term success of the Danish food industry on a global level, pointing out that many of the companies that people think of as Danish are actually owned by international companies. This means that it is up to people outside Denmark where they choose to place their investments.
Source: Agro Food Park